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Potential Breakout PUMP Coming For Terra Luna – Bitcoin and Luna Price Prediction Targets – Crypto

Bitcoin and Terra Luna are potentially positioned for a bull run in the short term. But how big will the bull run for bitcoin and be? Let's take a look at the technical analysis for bitcoin and luna to find the short term and medium price targets.

Potential PUMP Events Coming For Terra Luna, PancakeSwap, Avalanche, Axie Infinity & Polkadex Crypto

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are looking bearish, but let's take a look at some of the biggest bullish upcoming events for this week for Terra Luna, PancakeSwap, Avalanche, Axie Infinity, Orion Protocol and Polkadex.

REALISTIC CARDANO PRICE TARGETS – Cardano Price Prediction – Is A Pump Coming?

Cardano smart contract feature failed to pump our cardano bags. Since the launch, we have actually seen Cardano's price fall and underperform bitcoin. But all hope is not lost just yet. There is something cooking up for Cardano. The Cardano summit is coming up on Saturday and Cardano's chart is looking bullish. In this video, I will give you my price targets for Cardano in the short term and long term.

REALISTIC PRICE TARGETS – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Is A Pump Coming?

Bitcoin has seen another big drop in the price. But, if you are a subscriber of the YouTube channel, then you should have been expecting this. Because, I have been predicting this for more than 3 weeks. Now that the price of bitcoin hit my second bearish price target at 39 thousand dollars, the important question is realistically, will the price of bitcoin go lower from here or will the price push back up to 60 thousand?

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How Low Will Gala Games Fall? – Gala Price Prediction

Gala Games GALA crypto token has dropped over 93% from the all time highs. But, how low will GALA fall? In this video let's analyze GALA using technical analysis to get prepared for the next bull market.

CHAINLINK – IS A PUMP COMING? LINK Price Prediction | LINK Crypto | LINK Coin

Chainlink LINK coin, after the crash in early December 2021 has not bounced back. With LINK breaking out, let's look at LINK, and my short term to medium term price targets for LINK.


UFO Gaming coin, after the crash has not bounced back. With UFO now listed on Kucoin, let's look at UFO, and my short term to medium term price targets for UFO.

Sandbox PUMPING To $8 Soon? – SandBox SAND Price Prediction Crypto December 2021

Sandbox SAND coin is breaking through some major resistance levels . So, in this video, let's look at Sandbox, and my short term to medium term price targets for Sandbox.

COTI PUMP Coming? COTI News and COTI Price Prediction – COTI Staking and AdaSwap News -December 2021

COTI recently announced three bullish news on twitter. COTI coin gained gained over 30% in under 15 minutes after the announcements. The price for COTI is about 60% away from the all-time high and now trading at about 42 cents. In this video, let's look at the technical analysis for COTI for a very bullish setup in the charts and find the short term to medium term price prediction targets.

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